Kerala boasts a variety of flavourful delicacies that have weathered the test of time and are still a popular choice among ages. The nicest thing about these delicacies is that they have kept their traditional recipes over centuries and are still immensely liked and famous among the current population of Malayalis who have grown up eating them.

Here are some best Kerala snacks you could surely buy on your visit.

1) Banana chips

Banana chips are a famous savory delicacy in Kerala. They are the most recognised and very well-known Kerala food beyond the region. They’re made with bananas that have been finely cut into rings, then sun-dried and deep-fried. They’re a big feature of Sadya, Kerala’s customary feast.

2) Pazham pori

Pazhampori is a traditional Kerala dish in which ripened bananas are covered with a crispy exterior layer and deep-fried in oil. The delicate and wet inside will be preserved. Ripe bananas, flour, and sugar are among the components. In many Keralan homes, this is one of the most frequently stored treats.

3) Uzhunnu vada

The Uzhunnu Vada has a gap in the center and is circular in form. It has a donut-like texture but does not have sweetness. A crunchy exterior shell and a wet inside core make up the Vada. This would be fantastic with some homemade coconut sauce. Back gram dal, green chili, onion, curry leaves, and ginger are among the components. This is something you can have at any season of year.

4) Achappam

Achappam is a chewy crust, mildly sweet delicacy. It’s formed like a flower and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Rice flour, sugar, egg, sesame seeds, and coconut milk are among the components. It is consumed throughout the year.

5) Neyyappam

It’s impossible to say how many more of these you’ll be able to consume in one session. The neyyappam is a little sugary appam that is sautéed in ghee. These little spheres, made using traditional Kerala snack components like coconut and jaggery, are a treat to eat.

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