Gambling is prohibited in India; however Goa and Sikkim are two of the few states where it is permitted. Gambling in Goa and Sikkim supplied a large sum of cash to the province and are home to some excellent casinos. Gambling is an artwork.

One that is finest exemplified by donning a tuxedo and betting on your fortunate charms. We’re confident that after reading this list of the greatest casinos in India, you’ll be enticed to go there and take your chances.

Here are the best casinos in Goa and Sikkim where you could gamble.

Best Casinos In Goa & Sikkim Where You Could Gamble 1

1. Casino Mahjong – Sikkim

The Mayfair Spa Hotels Gangtok is home to one of Sikkim’s two best known casino sites, Casino Mahjong. Casino Mahjong at Mayfair is a one-of-its-kind real time casino in India. The casino, which is located on 7,000 square feet of desired locations in Sikkim, offers 150 types of activities as well as a delectable buffet of Sikkimese delicacies.

Best Casinos In Goa & Sikkim Where You Could Gamble 2

2. Deltin Royale – Goa & Sikkim

Deltin Royale, Asia’s biggest hotel and casino attraction, spans 50,000 square feet in Goa and features over 1000 various games. It’s also a hovering casino, so no matter how lucky you become at the tables, you can always drink champagne and take in the scenery.

Best Casinos In Goa & Sikkim Where You Could Gamble 3

3. Big Daddy Casino – Goa

Big Daddy Casino is a nearshore casino that offers you yet another breathtaking mid-water gameplay adventure. While the real – time game play is the main draw, Big Daddy also serves a variety of cuisines for your non-gambling buddies and relatives to enjoy while you take your chances.

Best Casinos In Goa & Sikkim Where You Could Gamble 4

4. Strike Casino – Goa

Strike Casino is the latest casino in Goa, located on the premises of the Grand Hyatt Goa. Money Wheel, Solitaire, and Backjack are just a few of the casino’s most famous gameplay. They provide a massage and getaway, a dancing club, and excellent dining, in addition to gambling.

Best Casinos In Goa & Sikkim Where You Could Gamble 5

5. Casino Paradise

Casino Paradise is one of Goa’s top afloat casinos and India’s most opulent waterfront casino. Casino Pride will effortlessly draw away hours of your day with its large array of casino choices, especially since meals and drinks are included in your program.

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