The archaeological remnants of a Mahavihara or Buddhist monastery, which was one of India’s first and greatest institutions, may be found near Patna. This monastery and educational institution used to be located in the kingdom of Magadha, which is now the province of Bihar. The Nalanda University Archaeological Complex is roughly 84 kilometres from Patna, Bihar’s capital city. The complex is a fascinating tour through history, design, culture, and Buddhism. If you enjoy history, be sure to include this old university in your schedule while arranging a trip to Patna and making hotel reservations.

Dharma Gunj, or the Treasury of Truth or the Mountain of Truth, was the name given to Nalanda’s immense library. Hundreds of thousands of books were stored there.

The library of Nalanda was said to be so vast that it burnt for months after Bakhtiyar Khilji raided the university and set fire to the library.

According to archaeologists and historians, just ten percent of the Nalanda campus has been explored thus far. Around 90% of the site needs to be explored. The popular song “O Mere Raja” from the Bollywood film Johny Mera Naam, starring Hema Malini and Dev Anand, was filmed on location at the sites of Nalanda.

Without a doubt, Nalanda was a fantastic society in which education and Buddhism blossomed and achieved new heights. To imagine how these remains were once a prominent learning centre for thousands of students, you’ll have to use your creativity. Are you up to the task? Spend a couple of hours exploring among the ruins of India’s first international university at the Nalanda University Archaeological Complex.

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