Cheating might be a one-time thing for some people who later regret it. And that may have been a disaster, lack of trust, or the result of an unpleasant situation. And after cheating, the individual may feel sorrow and would do anything to gain trust and avoid such mistakes in the future and maintain their limits.

On the other part, it may be a habit or pattern of behavior for some. This feeling might be generated by deep emotions like lack of trust, jealousy, desire for external recognition, etc. And such people also suffer anger issues, infidelity becomes their way of upheaval.

The repercussions of the activity may influence whether a person would cheat or not. And in serious cases such as divorce or legal complications, the individual should try to avoid and improve themselves. And if the repercussions are minor, the individual is more likely to go back to normal.


Is cheating a one-time event?
What are some major underlying causes of cheating?
How may the ramifications of cheating influence future behavior?
What can individuals do to avoid future cheating?