Some people leave in the middle of a date, while others fail to show up even after making a commitment. Sadly, ghosting discourages sensitive people from going on many dates in addition to destroying hearts and confidence. One of your inventive Halloween celebration options this year, if you’ve ghosted more than once, maybe to stop doing this poisonous behavior.

1. If there just isn’t a spark

After talking to someone for a while and getting to know them, you could feel that you are not compatible. Perhaps there was a feeling between you two throughout your conversation, but there was no spark.

2. Your lives and personalities are incompatible.

Even though it’s often the case, opposites don’t always attract. If your personalities are quite different from one another, you might not be able to adapt to alternative lifestyle choices.

3. There is no romance present.

You might not always be interested in romantic relationships, even when everything appears to be going well. Even if you meet someone wonderful and become great friends with them, you may not have the courage to let them know that you are not as committed to this as they are.

4. Not looking for a serious relationship

During the period of your connection, you might not be looking for a committed commitment. Try saying, “It’s been nice getting to know you, but I’m not seeking a serious relationship right now.” If such a circumstance develops and you know it’s better for you to avoid getting serious while the other person is, be direct and let them know the truth.

Source: hindustan times

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