Donuts are fantastic. There’s a reason why they’re so famous. They come in all sorts of flavours, stuffing, and decorations and they’re delicious and gooey. Some folks like the traditional glazed varieties, sometimes the basic plain donut but they both are the tastiest. Today we will not just talk about ordinary doughnuts, but donuts with flavours that are out of this world. There are even finer donuts out there than glazed and traditional style.

Here are 7 tastiest donuts that are must try.

1. Mars Bars Cronuts

Mars Bars, cronuts, and chocolaty coating seem like a winning combination. A sweetened cronut, split into two and packed to the full with a velvety cocoa sauce, is the delectable dessert. It’s even tastier since it’s coated with a creamy chocolate spread that holds the melting bits of Mars Bars intact.

2. Rum Cake Cronut

Let us discuss rum cake cronuts while we’re on the subject of cronuts. It’s a one-of-a-kind mix that’s probably not acceptable for minors because of the rum. However, if you’re a grownup who likes alcoholic desserts, this is a must-try.

3. Rainbow Donuts

You can’t disagree with the fact that almost everything tastes a lot better when it’s rainbow coloured. However, whether you choose rainbow stuffing, rainbow frosting, rainbow decorations, or just rainbow flour, donuts come in each of those flavours. It’s also one of the most popular choices on the market.

4. Peanut Butter & Blackberry Jam Donut

Doughnut Planet, unlike many other donut companies, didn’t want to make a monotonous filled donut. Instead, they baked a square-shaped pastry with natural marmalade filled inside. They use a peanut butter coating for the peanut butter.

5. Kawaii Donuts

When it comes to Japanese items, there are also charming kawaii doughnuts shaped like creatures and cute figures. These are definitely too adorable to consume, but they are fully safe and, according to what is being heard, they are extremely tasty.

6. Ring Of Fire Donut

This is a donut for the courageous and those who can withstand a little heat. The sweet taste of the donut is balanced by a hint of fire. They also add cayenne pepper and cinnamon powder on top to give it a boost. They top the dessert with a dried red chilli to make it extra spicier.

7. Fried Chicken Donut

Seriously, if you believe frying chicken on a donut is a bad idea, you’re in the wrong location. For someone with an adventurous sense of taste, this is a combination made in heaven. It’s a smorgasbord of flavours. It will make you rethink all the decisions and thoughts you had about this donut.

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