Birthday celebrations, regardless of their joy, follow a predictable pattern. You eat the cake, light out the candles, hang around with your buddies, and get wasted… Then there’s the regular pattern of going out to loud nightclubs or simply having a calm meal with relatives.

However, there is something that everyone will enjoy: going somewhere where you will have plenty of time to one self. If you don’t enjoy being isolated, you might choose a small group of closest buddies who will make your holiday even enjoyable.

Here are 7 places in India that have been suggested for you to celebrate your birthday in a unique way with your best mates.

1. Goa

For every event that screams for excitement, Goa has been suggested too many times. However, there is yet another aspect of Goa that might provide you with comfort. South Goa is a great place to visit for a calmer and more serene birthday party on the lovely, empty coastline. Obviously, affordable beers and real seafood are a plus.

2. Lonavala

Grab your closest friends, get in your vehicle, and head to Lonavala to spend your birthday far away from the crowds and bustle of the metropolis. The road is packed with stunning scenery, and you may book a hotel to stay at once you arrive.

3. Andamans

If you want to spend some quality moments with your loved ones on your birthday, head to the Andaman Islands. You’ll find pristine water, a peaceful environment, and plenty of us-time here. It is a lovely and ideal location for a birthday celebration.

4. Jaipur

Jaipur is a well-known wedding location. But why restrict yourself to a marriage ceremony when it comes to encountering royalty? Indulge your friends to a spectacular party in Jaipur’s regal ambience. You can save this location for your next spectacular birthday.

5. Ladakh

Friendship, a campfire, and a limitless sky If these are your favorite things, then Ladakh is the place to be on your birthday. Under the peaceful skies of Ladakh, you’ll be able to heed to only what you wish.

6. Gokarna

On your upcoming birthday, do something exciting with your buddies. Tourists flock to Gokarna, which is a popular tourism site. There is no better place to celebrate your birthday than Gokarna, which is perfect for a low-key and relaxed vacation.

7. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari, located in Tamil Nadu, is an ideal location for a birthday celebration with buddies. You might do a lot of sightseeing in the neighborhood thrift shops in addition to touring old sites. Isn’t it much preferable than the customary to have a birthday without liquor or an uncomfortable headache, but instead with excellent company and the splendor of this city?

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