Personal computers are a basic aspect of our day to day lives. Over the most recent twenty years, laptops and computers have transformed business, connections, and shopping, and ascended an entirely different period of marketing and association. At this point, you presumably realize a PC is an extraordinary machine and is used in every section and every field. And with time, it only keeps upgrading and improving. It is almost impossible to get any work done without having a computer and internet. But what you didn’t know, is that your computer is fixed with so many tiny features just to make your applications easier and simpler. Here are some such features or facts you never knew about your computer: –

  • Keyboard bumps – The letters ‘F’, ‘J’ and the number ‘5’ have tiny bumps on them. This is to help the typists to know where the surrounding keys are without having to look.
  • Keys arrangement – The keys on the keyboard are jumbled an are not in alphabetical order. This is because when keyboards were first invented, the writers type so fast that the mechanical character arms got mingled, so the mixing was done to slow down the writers.
  • Mouse – A computer mouse is actually a camera that uses LED to bounce off the light on the surface and send back to a sensor. The sensor then sends each image to a processor which analyses each image to determine the change in position of the mouse from the last image.
  • Dynamic lock – This new feature of Windows 10 allows you to connect your cellphone with the laptop via Bluetooth. When you move away with your phone from the laptop out of the Bluetooth range, the screen is locked and demands entering a password.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – Keyboard shortcuts are designed to reduce working time. They eliminate the use of the mouse to carry out a particular task. When mastered all of them, working on a computer becomes highly efficient.
  • First PC programmer – The first computer programmer was a woman named Ada Lovelace. It was back in the 1800s when she and Charles Babbage worked together to develop a computer programming language.
  • First computer game – Spacewar! is the first computer game invented in 1962 at the MIT. The game was simple, two spaceships circled a planet and were allowed to shoot at each other until one of them gets hit.

These are some facts you may have never know until now. Our computers hold a lot of mysterious features some of which are even ignorant to the makers.