Whether you find yourself hanging out poolside, partying, or simply sipping on a terrace, a sip of mojito is surely what you want.

Here is the list of the best rums you can use for mojitos.

1. Bacardi silver rum

7 Best Rums You Can Use For Mojitos 1

This is perhaps the most well-known of them all, Bacardi Silver rum is the best mix-in for your Mojito. This Puerto Rican classic contains lively citrus flavors that go together really very well with mint. Besides, you will never have a difficult time finding a bottle of Bacardi.

2. Appleton white rum

7 Best Rums You Can Use For Mojitos 2

This bottle of Jamaican rum is made from refined molasses it offers a considerable quality-to-price ratio. It is perfect for Mojito.

3. Mount gay eclipse silver rum

7 Best Rums You Can Use For Mojitos 3

This fragrant bottle of rum gushes with notes of citrus and banana that create a delicate and refreshing flavor. With simply the good amount of lingering on the end, this rum works perfectly with perfect Mojito recipes.

4. Plantation 3 stars white rum

7 Best Rums You Can Use For Mojitos 4

Plantation 3 Stars white rum is the only rum type in the world that is confirmed in Cognac barrels, giving it sophistication and elegance that is practically too good for its cost. This is most obvious in their 3 Stars White Rum, where the final touch of French oak gives it a lasting floral intensity you won’t find in any other rum. It is a really good choice for a mojito.

5. Don Q Rum Cristal

7 Best Rums You Can Use For Mojitos 5

It has a subtle flavor profile to make it incredibly smooth when drinking, making it perfect for drinking by itself neat or with ice. Mix it in your mojito and enjoy the drink. It makes a wonderful vodka substitute, too.

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