Technology has become omnipresent. You probably don’t spend even a single day without using any type of technology at least once. We all use different kinds of gadgets every day starting from our smartphones to our vehicles. However, recent research suggests that we as humans are becoming more and more dependent on technology. It is suggested that we as humans can not survive without technology today. Even a single day without electricity would cost in millions. As useful as it might be, technology is eventually making us lazier and also making us use it when not required. Here are some reasons why we should use it for collective good instead of getting possessed by technology: –

  1. Misuse of technology leads to poor connections – Just sitting and starring on Instagram can easily allow us to spend hours of our day. We can spend hours trying different types of filters on Snapchat and avoid person to person interaction. We might not understand this but we are actually losing valuable time we can spend to make real-time conversations with people. We are letting technology make us lonely and stressed.
  2. We become dependent – Even if the store is just 2 mins away, we choose to drive there instead of taking a bicycle or walking there. We are depending too much on technology and only making ourselves more incompetent. The more we depend on technology the harder it will be for us to survive without it when such a time comes.
  3. It makes us lazy – There is a simple calculation to be done taking your own time and using your brain to calculate the total but instead, you use the calculator on your phone. It is understandable that it is invented to help you but only when it is really necessary. Using technology to run away from every day-to-day challenge we may face is only making us lazier.
  4. We are killing the essence of technology – Every time a teenager gets addicted to the smartphone, the inventor of the smartphone is the one who faces the heat virtually. Every gadget was invented to make our life easier and not to let it ruin our life totally controlled by technology. If we don’t fulfil the purpose of a particular machine, we only insult the existence of that machine or technology.
  5. It is expensive – Technology is a huge term for people who are deprived of it. Only the fortunate ones can make their life easy using the power called technology. We cannot make any gadget we want using the resources we have. Creating a gadget requires a lot of manufacturing processes and man work. That is why it is expensive which is also why we must respect its use.