When it comes to weddings, there are different traditions. There are some unusual wedding traditions as well and because marriage is such a significant institution, some people go all out when it comes to strange traditions. Here is a list of the weirdest and unusual wedding traditions you probably didn’t know.

1) Mauritania

According to Scoop whoop reports, brides in Mauritania actively seek to become healthier and chubbier. It is considered a good luck charm in their culture. As a result, brides travel to fat farms to gain weight, despite the fact that this has caused many women to become ill and have health problems.

2) South Korea

Another weird wedding tradition that will leave you surprised is the one followed by some South Koreans. According to reports, South Koreans think that dead fish and bamboo sticks should be beaten on the groom’s feet to prepare him for the first night of his marriage.

3) Scotland

According to reports, in Scotland, friends and family shower the couple with filthy things to show that the bride and husband are prepared for anything!

4) China and Inner Mongolia

According to reports, the Daur tribe follows a weird tradition to set a wedding date. The soon-to-be-weds must hold a knife together and slaughter a live baby chick before examining its liver. A date for the wedding can be set if the liver is in good shape; if not, they must continue killing until they discover a suitable liver. Weird right?

5) Fiji

Another weird wedding tradition is gifting the father-in-law a whale’s tooth. This is followed in Fiji. When a man asks a girl for her hand in marriage, he follows this odd practice.
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