Beautiful day, bright sun, and the birds chirping, a perfect mood for the day. But one thing that is missing is a great Hollywood songs playlist. Hollywood songs have some amazing, enthusiastic, full-of-life songs that will make you feel over the moon.

1) Walking On Sunshine: The 80s classic song will make you dance as you start to listen. It is a happy beat that will put a smile on your face. And it teaches you to walk in life with a smile. The song is by Katrina and the waves.

2)Love On Top: The amazing song by Beyonce will make you feel happy. Her voice is so mesmerizing that it will make you feel powerful. And it is a great tune to listen to when feeling low. The song will help you be strong and make you understand there is someone for you too.

3)Sunday Best: Undoubtedly, Sunday is one of the favorite days of many people. As of Sunday, the whole world has officially given you a holiday. And holidays help you have a happy time. The song is by Surface.

4) Uptown Funk: This song can’t be out of the list when happiness is concerned. The lyrics of this song are about having a good time and not letting anything, or anyone make you feel low. In addition, you should live life to the fullest. This happy song is by Mark Ronson Ft Bruno Mars.

5)I Believe In A Thing Called Love: The rock ballad will get you out of any funk. The beautiful and catchy tune will make you sing along. It says you should not care about what others think when in love.

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