The bookshelf in our house holds the most precious things, books! Our best everyday getaways. If you are in for making your bookshelf stand out in your bedroom or your study room, I have got some pretty amazing ideas for you to make it look more aesthetic.

First thing first, collect all the artistic items you want to display on your bookshelf such as picture frames, vases, artworks, etc.

Keep the largest things on the bookshelf and then arrange the books and stack them. Also place some potted plants to make it look aesthetic.

5 easy ways to decorate a bookshelf are as follows:

1. Try Strategic Stacking

Vertical stacks of books are a default for libraries. If you are planning to make it look unique, you should try vertical as well as horizontal stacking. They add an extra layer of texture to your shelf and give enough space for other artistic items.

2. Add Nice Bookends

Bookends not only keep your books from falling off the shelf but also makes your bookshelf look more appealing.

3. Add Wonderful Lighting

Illuminate your bookshelf by adding some fairy lights. A string of lighting gives your bookshelf a wonderful sparkle. You can also try and turn a book into a hidden light switch.

4. Arrange According to the Colours

You can arrange your books by colours and create a shade of rainbow. Or else if you want it simple and are not worried about finding your book, you can just display the pages rather than the spine of the book.

5. Decorate Bookshelves with Mementos

If you are into artistic items, then you can place certain objects on your bookshelf that remind you about special memories.

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