Durjoy Datta has captured the hearts of millions of Indians and has been named a young achiever in the media and communications industry by Whistling Woods International. The reader is fascinated by his romance novels. In addition, a writer who began his profession as an engineer can never fail to motivate young people in India.

His writing is highly renowned for both the story’s narrative and the book’s characters. His writing is artistic and beautifully in tune with his audience. About the top novels by Durjoy Datta, continue reading.

1.The Perfect Us

Deb and Avantika are the subjects of The Perfect Us. They have been together for eleven years, going from making it through college to being each other’s closest friends. Avantika commands Deb to begin family planning at the beginning of the novel. Deb first rejects the idea of fatherhood out of fear, but eventually, he reconsiders. This book helped me understand the suffering experienced by women.

2.Wish I Could Tell You

The narrative of Anusha and Ananth is told in Wish I Could Tell You. Anusha begins this novel by starting her new work at wedonat. This isn’t a typical romance book, unlike other ones. This takes place throughout several eras.

3.Till The Last Breath

At a hospital bedside, Pihu and Dushyant are battling for their lives in the story “Till the Last Breath.” Dushyant hates Pihu at the beginning of this chapter for having optimism about life. Both of them share each other’s haunted pasts and other inspirational stories as they through life’s most challenging stage.

4.The Boy Who Loved

Raghu, who never intends to fall in love, begins to feel something for a girl named Brahmi in this novel. He makes a valiant effort to pursue his objective but ultimately has to battle for it. Deep down, he also feels bad for not rescuing his schoolmate who was about to drown in the pool.

5.A Touch of Eternity

A Touch of Eternity. This is a tale between Druvan and Anvesha. The societal conventions are highlighted in Durjoy’s epic romance. Druvan and Anvesha battle their relatives in the first scene to maintain their union.

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