Islands are known for their beautiful sunsets, their sandy beaches, coral reefs and go many other things that just draw us to them whenever we think of planning a getaway. Islands give you the feelings of paradise right here on earth. Here are 7 beautiful islands in the world that one definitely visit for a vacation.

1) Maldives

The Island nation of Maldives need no introduction as they are the favourite tourist attraction known for their ravishing islands, the bluest serene waters, the white sandy beaches and 70 different kinds of corals. There are many underwater sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, etc. that one can try out in Maldives to experience the beautiful marine life.

2) Seychelles

This archipelago is worth visiting if you want to experience the pristine beauty of the islands this nation has to offer. It consists of 115 beautiful islands and is home to many beaches, coral reefs, and much more. Some of the worth visiting sights in Seychelles are Seychellois national park on the island of Mahe also consists of hiking trails for tourists to enjoy.

3) Bali- Indonesia

Bali is one of the most visited and the most breathtakingly beautiful islands in Indonesia. It is an island known for its spirituality and its scenic beauty. Bali is home to many tropical forests, beautiful coral reefs, amazing beaches, waterfalls and so much more.

4) Crete

Crete is the largest island situated in Greece. This island will make you believe that heaven exists on earth with its beautiful crystal clear waters, the calming mountains, the valleys, etc. The island is blessed with amazing waterfalls and is the perfect destination for all the waterfall lovers out there. Crete is also known for its mountain ranges like the White Mountains, Ida range, Dikti Range which are amongst the famous tourist attractions in Crete.

5) Palawan

Palawan is the most picture-perfect island in the Philippines. Palawan is known for its unspoiled beaches with paradise-like clear waters, its diverse coral reefs, jangle-clad islands, unique wildlife, the beautiful emerald lakes and so much more.

Here are the 5 beautiful islands in the world the one must-visit for a vacation.

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