Select a color scheme that is neutral.

Paint can help make a one-bedroom apartment appear larger. Begin with a soft palette of traditional whites, neutral tans, and greys, and reserve the stronger hues for accent walls. Rich blue, for example, might evoke regality, while green tones reflect natural light, making your area feel cozier and more open. The blend of neutrals and strong flashes of color gives your home a gentle and clean atmosphere, making it feel clean and new.

Optimize storage capacity.

A creative 1 BHK flat design maximizes storage to make the most of the available space. Install a hallway storage bench or use poufs and sofas that function as covered bins. Installing a small TV unit with the possibility to store your mail, paperwork, and CD collection is another method to make the most of your 1 BHK. Decor or your book collection can be displayed on the horizontal surfaces.

Select multi-purpose furniture.

Multi-functional or wall-mounted furniture can make your one-bedroom apartment feel more open and uncluttered. A sofa cum bed, for example, is a sleek and stylish folding furniture choice that you may roll out only when you need it. Install a murphy bed in your bedroom and a full-length shelf with a movable ladder to take advantage of the walls at home. Purchase a foldable dining table that can only be used while you’re sitting down for meals. This will help you save a lot of room.

Convert wall niches to storage areas.

Use wall niches to make the most of your one-bedroom d├ęcor. Install a cupboard or mini-bar in a wall niche that extends from floor to ceiling for additional storage. You can also be creative and turn your headboard into a specialized storage solution or utilize them to add greenery by placing miniature plants in them.

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