Here are 3 best  sweets you should eat Atleast once in your life.

1) Gingerbread Cookies

The fragrances of cinnamon, spices, and ginger aren’t quite until they’re floating across your home. These crunchy gingerbread shaped cookies are classic in appearance and flavor, and they serve as a clean slate for all kinds of holiday creativity. Because the greatest aspect of making gingerbread men is painting them, you might want to enlist the help of some young decorators. Regardless as to how you dress it up; the mere process of adorning it will surely provide some festive pleasure.

2) Classic sugar cookies

It’s a sort of sugary cookie your grandmother or even great-grandmother would know; this is the tastiest sugar cookie out there. And besides, making sugar cookies fresh is a time-honored custom! These cookies crumble with precisely the correct combination of bending and snapping, thanks to a sensitive, snappy quality that derives from a delicious buttery core. What about the flavor? Exquisite! Start dressing these sugar cookies in flair anyway you want, and they’ll be the highlight of every party.

3) Classic Yule Log

This delectable cake, shaped like a wooden Yule log, is an old-fashioned delicacy that never ceases to bring a smile. Yule Log Cake, also known as Bûche de Noel, is the ideal centerpiece for just about any celebratory dinner. This Yule log cake is made by using cake batter and whipped cream and is more than a wonderful delicacy; it’s also a joyful pastime that could become your family’s new favorite ritual.

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