Those were the days before technology smothered love’s essence. They didn’t have to phone each other every day a dozen times. Their lives were not dominated by their relationships. There was never an issue with personal space. They were referred to be “old school,” although their relationships were far more open than ours.

The prospect of not meeting every day has its own allure. They didn’t go out every weekend on dates. Many of them had no idea when or if they’d see each other again. That was what made each date unique. That half-hour spent together meant far more than the weeks we now spend with our partners.

People had lower expectations of their partners and relationships back then. There weren’t as many backs then. Look at us today; it takes virtually nothing for us to break up over the tiniest of differences.

They weren’t very concerned with technology. There were no blue WhatsApp ticks, and no Facebook chats. When they met, whatever needed to be said had to be said. They never ran out of topics to discuss. We have so much to say but so little time to say it.

They didn’t feel compelled to tell the world about their love. It was a sacred secret between them that the rest of the world was unaware of. Old school romance was priceless: sneaking glances, holding each other’s hands when no one was watching, sneaking off for a brief walk, pretending to be strangers when others were around.

Not to argue that today’s relationships are shallow and insincere, but sex wasn’t as casual back then, which made it all the more meaningful.

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