Allow all possibilities to enter your imagination

Because you’re probably unaware of what some of your skills are, a smart place to start when analyzing your abilities is to just consider the possibilities. Remember that ability isn’t limited to playing the guitar or dancing like a pro. Talents exist in different shapes and sizes, and they cover a wide range of activities. Being able to read emotions accurately, for example, is a very useful skill.

Consider your history

Start by looking at your past as you reflect on yourself in pursuit of your talents. Take a look at what you’ve accomplished. Consider the things you’ve found enjoyable. Consider the moments when you performed exceptionally well. “What am I most proud of something I’ve done?” or “When was I so proud that I didn’t care what others thought?” are good questions to ask yourself. One thing to consider is how you spent your childhood. What were your favorite activities as a kid? What did you find enjoyable? What did you have a reputation for? This can sometimes reveal some of your most hidden talents, as well as interests that can be explored further.

Consider what you like to do

Your skills might be revealed through the things that make you joyful. Consider the activities that you enjoy. Does anyone ever praise you on it? Do they ever come to you for assistance? You may not consider it a skill, but it most likely is. Do you ever lose track of time completely? Do you start doing anything and don’t realize how quickly time passes? This could indicate your ability. Perhaps you become disoriented when altering your favorite video game. This might be one of your skills.

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