A “name” is the word or combination of words by which a person, place, or thing is known or identified. This is an important label which helps to distinguish an individual or entity from the others. Names are often given by birth, and it play a crucial role in one’s life.

However, “Fame,” on the counterpart, refers to the widespread recognition or reputation that a person, place, or thing has because of noteworthy achievements, talents, or actions. A famous person, place, or thing is widely known for its quality and work, which grabs people’s attention. Fame is earned over time with a lot of effort and hard work.

Also, name means the name you’re establishing with the help of your work or potential, and on the other hand, fame means the reward that follows when you finish your work perfectly; it results in popularity. Simply, fame is being popular, which comes when people know your name when you do something recognizable.

So, according to the expression,’ name and fame” has a slight difference. Name is basically speaking your name, which is like famed, and fame is the popularity of your name. The more popular you are, the more fame your name earns. So name and fame are related with mere difference.