In today’s fast-paced world, nature helps to find inner peace and solace, an experience similar to chasing a butterfly. There are many ways to indulge yourself with nature, connectd with natur,e and transform our consciousness.

Gardening, the simple deed of taking care of the plants, feeding them to blossom, and witnessing the unfolding of life in our home, is a beautiful experience. It can be a way to connect to ourselves and nurture our inner peace.

Farming is a process of cultivating seeds and growing food grains. Doing this will help you understand how farmers do hard work to grow food and feed others. The process of growing crops will help you have peace when you see your hard work result and fulfill your hunger.

A walk in the greenery serves as the best healing way. One can learn to embrace the beauty of nature and feel free. Amidst the greenery and nature, one feels safe and refreshed far from the chaotic world. The freshness nature has is better than any refreshing drink.

One of the best healers is the short walk on the breezy beach in the evening or early morning, which serves as the aid to many diseases as well as helps to maintain mental health. At the same time, diving in the water makes one feel like living in wonder land.