When it comes to sex, most of us haven’t received even a basic education. If anything, we were taught, either directly or indirectly, to concentrate on a single goal: orgasm. Orgasms are always presented as the sole purpose of sex. They are frequently depicted as the end of sex in popular culture. Orgasm sex is officially over once you have achieved it.

Male ejaculation is the focus of goal-oriented sex, and it is of primary importance. People frequently associate the accomplishment of “being good in bed” with inducing orgasm, but good sex is about the entire experience.

When we have sex, we should not have a specific goal in mind. We should not be attempting to accomplish a single goal. It all comes down to the journey. The creation of sexual tension, foreplay, and sensual touching. The goal is to have fun and enjoy rather than keeping it goal-oriented.

It is regarded as a failure if you or your sexual partners do not experience orgasm. This is not the way we should consider sex. When we attempt to have erotic experiences with the intent of taking a specific path and arriving at a specific goal, the negative impacts are numerous. If we approach sex with the expectation of reaching a climax, we set ourselves up for unnecessary pressure, disappointment, and a very narrow view of what sex is and should be.

Quit worrying about orgasms as the only objective of physical intimacy and instead focus on how much you and your partner enjoy it. Concentrate on what has been accomplished: a pleasurable experience for both of you.

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