Aquarius women are a contradiction. She will have inconsistency and chaos in her life. This woman can come in two forms, either she can be shy, emotional, gentle, and patient, or high-spirited, lively, and exhibitionist.

If a woman of this sign falls in love, she will be committed to her feelings as long as she feels completely free and unrestricted in the relationship.

Here are the tips to date an Aquarius women

1. Don’t try to bind her

Aquarius women love freedom. She doesn’t expect to be attached to home or family, particularly during early dating, so don’t mention your desire for your kids and a wonderful family life. Because she won’t be ready for it. You are expected to take the relationship slower.

2. Stimulate all her senses

Aquarius women expect all their senses to be stimulated. She likes to do things out of the ordinary, and she expects her senses to be touched at every step of the way.

3. Give the courtship time to develop

She can be devoted to someone but she needs time to be sure. Don’t expect to pursue her in a week. It takes time for her to let you enter her life. But once she does, she will be very committed to you.

4. Don’t derail her ambition

As someone with outstanding ideas, she perhaps pursues position and power. Remember to let her cradle and support her ambition, for a while, doing this, she will love you even more as she will know that you respect her ambition.

5. Conquer her friendship first

Attempt to approach a girl of this sign first on a level of friendship and soon you will enhance your opportunities of taking over her heart. Aquarians, particularly women, are outstanding and bright individuals, they easily make friends with people of all types.

6. Act calmly and wisely

In order to earn compassion of the Aquarius female, prove to her that you are a cool guy, who is a completely calm and undistracted type.

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