Every person’s concept of a successful sex life is different, and although some individuals are fine with having sex only once or twice a day, others like it many times a day.

Even yet, you might be wondering if there is such a thing as too much sex. You might wonder how much is too much for your body and mind to handle, whether you’re on your honeymoon with a new partner, on vacation enjoying getaway sex thanks to all that additional free time, or simply appreciate having a lot of sex.

Even if you can have as much sex as you want, there are a number of obvious indicators that your body has had enough. Vaginal dryness is the initial symptom. If you’re feeling dry on the inside, it’s possible that you’ve had too much extended touch or penetration. Tiny microtears in the vaginal wall can occur as a result of this, which can be extremely painful.

An increase in the likelihood of bladder and vaginal infections is another unpleasant side effect of too much sex. The natural pH levels of your vagina might be thrown off by bodily fluids, making you more prone to infection.

Too much sex can cause pain, inflammation, and soreness in those with penises.

There’s also the psychological aspect of having “too much sex,” in addition to the possibility for unpleasant physical consequences. You should check in with your spouse and yourself on a frequent basis to make sure the amount of sex you’re having is what you’re both comfortable with.

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