You avoid feelings of hurt and anger when you have realistic expectations. They assist you to pay attention to things that you can do better. A realistic relationship is where you are ok with a partner who is human and imperfect, yet you like him/her.

The realistic relationship expectations are listed below

1. Honesty

Honesty cannot be negotiated in realistic expectations. You expect complete honesty from your partner no matter what the situation is and you do the same as well. It is impossible to build a strong and healthy relationship without it.

2. Mutual Trust

Trust follows when there is honesty. The realistic expectation of a relationship is that in order for you to feel safe and secure with your partner, you need to trust them. Also it is normal to expect your partner to trust completely.

You shouldn’t unnecessarily be insecure instead work on building your trust.

3. Being Showered With Affection

Showing affection, love and care is a realistic expectation in a relationship. If you are in a romantic relationship, then affection goes beyond realistic expectation because it is important to know whether your partner likes and appreciates the person you are.

4. Compassionate Towards Each Other

It is normal to expect that when you are feeling down or having a hard day, your partner should be compassionate towards you and try to cheer you up. You have the right to expect your partner to be compassionate towards you so that you can turn to them when you need comforting.

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