In a platonic relationship, couples share a close bond. There is no sexual relationship in a platonic relationship. This idea originated from the ancient philosopher, Plato, who believed that in this type of love, people can come closer to a divine ideal which is now referred to as close friends.

The characteristics that differentiate platonic relationships from others are as follows:
1. In platonic relationships, both partners feel the closeness towards each other and share common interests.

2. People in such a relationship are always honest and they feel the need to share their thoughts and feelings about the other person.

3. It gives you a sense of safety and freedom. Platonic relationships are easy and comfortable and the individuals feel free to be themselves.

4. In platonic relationships, there is a good sense of understanding and respect towards each other and they also share a special connection.

Such relationships are often referred to as friendships. Various other terms that have emerges which describes platonic relationships better are:
1. Bromance – it is a close and affectionate relationship shared by two men.

2. Womance – The affections and emotional bond that is shared by two women.

3. Work Spouse – this is a close connection shared by colleagues or co-workers and it often leads to marriage.

Platonic relationships are important for one’s health and well-being. Such relationships are great in providing you emotional support. What you have to say is being heard and you receive constant validations.
Platonic relationships are important apart from family and romantic relationships as they help you to cope with stress better.
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