“Old age is but a second childhood”- Aristophanes. As your parents’ age, they might need more help and extra care. Every situation is unique and so is how you should be treating your parents in old age. Here are some suggestions which will help you treat your parents better during their second childhood.

Sometimes you are probably bowled over through your parents’ frustration, moody conduct, or neediness. In fact, on a few days, they probably downright unpleasant to be around. But it’s essential to be empathetic and apprehend what they are going through. The most important thing ageing parents want from their kids is simply to hear from them. They still care about you and would love to know how you have been.

Many of us have a busy schedule, so try setting a reminder on your phone to check in with your parents and see how they’re doing. Try to get them involved in every family activity. Don’t make them feel left out or unimportant. Old age already makes them feel useless and depressed, try to cheer them up by assigning them small and easy household chores which they are comfortable with.

Never let them feel that they are a burden on you. Make sure you don’t make a fuss about the extra money you need to spend on their medicines or any other health requirements. Also many of the times they would hesitate to ask you for money they need to spend for their personal use. You may give them a fixed amount which will help them to fulfil their demands.

Due to old age, your parents tend to become weak. They may suffer not only a physical disorder but also a mental disorder. Sometimes your parents might suffer Alzheimer and may have memory loss make sure you treat them patiently and acknowledge their situation calmly.

If you don’t live with your parents make sure you visit them frequently. Visiting them frequently will not only make them feel happy and delightful but also you will be aware of they are doing good or not and whether they need anything.

As a human being, it’s just the right thing to care for your elders. After all, you are soon going to enter that phase of life too. By caring for parents and treating them kindly, you show your humanity and simply do what is right. It will also have a positive effect on your child as well and help him evolve into a better human being.

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