Teenage is an age when children get eager to find out different things and they feel like watching things, which are not age-appropriate. If the same situation happens with you and you find your teen child watching adult content then don’t panic, there are some ways to handle it.

Here are the ways to handle it if you find adult content on your teen’s phone

1. Stay calm

Being angry or judgemental towards your child can be a sudden natural reaction, but don’t do it, stay calm, and don’t judge your child. Ask them about it and try to listen to them calmly.

2. Avoid Making Assumptions

Talk to your child directly. Don’t bring up past missteps or other negative behaviors of your child. Stick to the problem at hand and try to understand the pressures and social problems contributing to your teen’s choices. Ask for clarification rather than assuming their thoughts or feelings.

3. Set Limits

Once you understand the problem, it is appropriate for you to set some limits on your teen’s access to their cellphone, social media, or other apps. It is also relevant to proceed to monitor their activity. Don’t give them complete freedom, set some limits for them.

4. Allow Them Some Space

Yes, you have to set some limit to your child’s access to cellphones but severely prohibiting their access to social media, or other apps for prolonged periods of time implies that you are not giving them the space to learn new things.

Either they will then have to learn on their own without your support or supervision, or they will discover ways to sneak around and utilize social media without your knowledge.

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