A trauma is an emotional response which is related to a terrible event. It can be anything which is likely to impact you deeply. It can cause mental injury along with some physical changes in the structure of our brains. The mind remains in that state for a long time and that is why we tend to exhibit fight-or-flight responses from time to time.

When you live with a trauma, your brain reacts as if you are in danger all the time. It makes you feel trapped in your body and thoughts make you feel traumatised.

However it doesn’t have to be this way. If you want to heal from a trauma, then you need to practice mindfulness meditation. It can be life changing.

Studies have shown that the brain is capable of change and therefore it can heal from any injury using meditation practices. Mindfulness meditation acts as a natural treatment approach for trauma. It works in lowering the psychological suffering which are caused by your thoughts. It also assists in healing the brain that causes changes neurologically.

Meditation helps in training yourself to stop reacting to the various traumatic thoughts that keep running through your mind. It is possible to separate yourselves from your thoughts by halting your sufferings. We become aware of how your mind works through meditation and you gain control on how you react to it.

Meditation helps you to accept the negative thoughts and pain rather than running away from it. However, it does not permit you from being consumed by those feelings and emotions.
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