Every parent wants to teach their child certain skills, but many struggles to know when is the appropriate time. Others understand that the moment to start is far earlier in their life than others who wait until adolescence to start communicating important principles. In fact, according to specialists, when kids are young, they learn as quickly as a sponge. So, before your child becomes five, this is the greatest time to plan on teaching them important values. Consider some of the principles you must uphold.

When times are rough, kids may desire to give up the activities that they are readily drawn to. The piano lessons your child begged to enroll in may be the root of their current desire to stop taking them since they must practice for hours in preparation for a recital. Another reason may be the chess or hockey lessons they insisted on but now find to be too demanding. However, perseverance is a crucial virtue that your child must develop, so encourage them to not give up quickly.

Children make impulsive decisions, therefore whether they destroy the carrom board because they lost a game or their sister’s house of cards because it was larger than theirs, you need to teach them a lesson. Let them know that you do not like such conduct and that you would like them to apologize. You should make it clear that acting out of envy or being a bitter loser is just unacceptable. Instill in them the concept of making amends.

You need to teach your children the value of telling the truth. Being honest with yourself and encouraging your child to do the same are the simplest ways to teach this concept. They begin to learn the art of lying at an early age if they hear you make white lies, even to protect someone’s feelings. You need to be honest and insist on honesty in your everyday life since your child looks up to you.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t penalize your child for being upfront with you about whatever trouble they may have caused. Rebuking someone for speaking the truth could be a bad example to follow.

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