In a marriage, wives frequently feel a stronger connection to their husbands than to any other new family members, such as their in-laws. Therefore, it makes sense for ladies to confide in their husbands about any difficulties they have in their marital household. Men, on the other hand, frequently feel as though they are forced to act as the middleman between their spouse and their parents. Here are a few strategies to defuse any tension you may be feeling between your wife and your mother.

Being the one person your new wife confides her issues and feelings with may make you feel special at first, but this will quickly get tiresome. You would quickly want to treasure your time spent together as a loving partner rather than just being someone who listens to complaints and tries to make things right. Be genuine and honest with your wife about the tension you are experiencing and the uncomfortable feeling of being torn between your mother and your love.

It might be frustrating for your wife to want to talk to someone about how she is feeling but has to wait until you come home. Encourage your wife to make a new buddy inside your family to achieve this goal. This can be your grandma or perhaps your elder sister or younger brother. The presence of other close friends and family members besides you will make your wife feel more at home.

Your mother undoubtedly feels some way about certain things, just like your wife has been telling you how she’s been wronged. Therefore, make plans for them to have a casual conversation once a week when they may share how their feelings have been harmed. Your mother and your wife would not be offended by the charges because this is a chance for them both to be candid.

They could become used to considering one another’s sentiments over time or learn to respect each other’s values.

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