· Decorate your house

Surprise your parents with a nicely decorated home. You can make use of balloons or flowers or other decorative materials and your creativity to decorate your house. Write small messages ok sticky notes and place them around.

· Cook for your parents

On the parent’s day, to make it special for them don’t let them cook. You become a chef for the day and cool for your parents, doesn’t matter even if it is simple food like Maggie or eggs. They will still be happy that you cooked for them. That’s what matters, their happiness!

· Buy a cake or bake it at home

Buy a cake for your parents with happy parent’s day written or it. The cake is a symbol of celebration, so a cake during parent’s day celebration is a must. If you know how to bake a cake, you should try the baking cake at home to make your parents feel more special. Home-baked cake has a different level of emotions to it.

· Make them a special gift

Prepare a special gift for them with your own hands. Use your creativity to prepare a gift. Your parents probably won’t like spending money on them. So doing DIY gift for them is a great idea to make them smile. You can take support from YouTube to find amazing ideas.

· Organise a fun event for your parents and neighbours

Discuss it with your neighborhood friends and plan a fun event in your neighbourhood for all the parents. You can conduct games for them or you can organise an entertainment function for them where all the kids will involve in some kind of entertainment like dance, singing etc.

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