If you’re dating him, you must be one of a kind. This zodiac sign’s men are hesitant to commit to anyone. What a Sagittarius man really wants is a partner in crime. He requires someone to accompany him on his trips.

Here are a few tips to date a Sagittarius man

1. Keep your eyes alert for anything

The Sagittarius man is restless, impulsive, and always looking for new and exciting things to do. To pique his interest, you must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and attempt new things. Of course, this does not imply that you should allow him to force you into anything you do not want to do.

However, it does imply that you should make every effort to be open to new experiences, even if they are unsettling. He wants to see that you’re adaptable and eager to learn.

2. Show off your knowledge

He is a deep thinker who values all types of knowledge. He wants a companion who is at least as knowledgeable as he is.

At the very least, his spouse must be intellectually curious and eager to learn new things.

You should make him feel like he can chat to you about anything while dating. Be prepared to discuss whatever he brings up. If you don’t have enough knowledge to comment on a topic, at the very least engage him and urge him to share.

3. Keep things light

When romance is light-hearted, the Sagittarius guy enjoys it.

Relationships that are emotionally weighty, suffocating, or devouring can feel completely frightening to him because he is afraid of losing his freedom. If you show that you’re attempting to get serious while you’re still dating, he’ll lose interest.

4. Loves surprises

Because Sagittarius is a mutable sign, he enjoys all types of novelty and unpredictability. Surprises are something they adore. Keeping him in suspense with calculated surprises is the best way to excite him.

This man enjoys a good chase and despises it when things are too simple for him.

Make your shifting moods entertaining, surprising, and intriguing to keep him on his toes and his brain humming.

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