Stay Calm

When a parent is dealing with a baby who has separation anxiety and can be frustrating for the parent. No parent wants their baby to be upset, especially when leaving the baby. The most important thing parents can do when helping their baby with separation anxiety is to stay calm. When you are upset and frustrated, your baby will notice and become more selective. Therefore, if you feel you need to be aware of the issue of separation anxiety with your child, talk to your partner instead of showing these feelings to your baby.

Start Small

A great way to help your baby with separation anxiety is to start small. So instead of going out for a full day’s work or going out with your partner, let the babysitter be a 5-10 minute walk to the store. This will help the baby understand that you are going home tonight. When they are able to handle a short amount of time, slowly move away from them. This is a sure-fire way to support your baby’s separation anxiety.

Play Where’s the Baby

One game where all babies can learn through play and help you with separation anxiety can play with little kids is Where’s the Baby. Where’s the Baby is a classic game where you put a light seat on your head and ask where your baby is.

Create Routines

All babies like routines because they know what happens when they start with a set routine. And creating a routine to leave the baby can help with separation anxiety. This routine does not have to be large. No, whenever you leave her with a babysitter, you can make it as small as hugging, kissing, or saying goodbye. What you are leaving begins to register in her brain, but you will be back soon. So talk to your partner about the routines you come up with when you leave your child.

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