Having a relationship with someone is all fine. But when it comes to marriage there are other things to take care of as well. Well in India, convincing parents for marriage is necessary. Asking permission from them and making them actually believe in your relationship and your love is important. Indian weddings happen with the approval of their parents and love marriage is a big deal. They believe mostly in an arranged marriage and they still would take time and effort to understand the fact of love marriage and how actually they work. Convincing your parents is an essential part of your marriage and should be done with care and avoid mistakes and misunderstandings as well.

So here are a few tips you can use if you want to convince your parents for accepting your partner and to convince them with your loved one

  • Confront your parents friendly

Confront them really gently, explain to them about your relationship, how and why you are taking the step of marriage. Tell them how you feel about your partner. Approach them in a friendly way and explain them properly part by part. This will help you clear things out between you and your parents.

  • Start sharing small sections of your relationship with your parents

Try to share things little by little every day to your parents. Small details and hints like that you are not single or that you are looking forward to taking your relationship with your boyfriend towards marriage. Or tell them about the proposal.

  • Take the help of family members

You can try taking the help of other family members who are either elder or are experienced in such matters. Ask them for suggestions and ask for help on how to approach your parents in the most peaceful and appropriate way.

  • Introduce your partner to them

Introduce your partner to your family. Call in for a dinner or a lunch party, try to invite both your parents and theirs. Have proper conversations all together about your decision on getting married. And let them know your further plans.

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