Loneliness is a feeling of emptiness and detachment from the world around us. While it might seem that solution is simply to get around people it doesn’t work that way.

Loneliness is different from social isolation. This means that you can be surrounded by crowds of people and still feel lonely inside. Loneliness is often caused by depression or aimlessness as it makes people feel empty and sad. There are also a bunch of negative side effects that come from loneliness like depressing memory, increased stress, and poor decision making.

Some people may be aware they’re lonely, but just not know what they can about it. If you suspect someone you know may be lonely. Here are simple, tangible steps you can take when finding your friends or loved ones being lonely. Don’t make the person feel pity, that the last thing he would want. If you realize that your loved ones are feeling lonely do help them but don’t make it a charity case. Instead, try doing something natural. Try involving them in various activities.

Always remember loneliness makes the person feel low on self-esteem, so try to make them feel that they are valued instead of feeling pity for them. Lonely people on most occasions take interactions negatively, so any hint of condescending behaviour could be very hurtful. Make them realize, through your actions, that you value their presence, and that they make you happy.

Be a good listener. Make them realize your presence. Show up to them again and again. Being a good listener is a great responsibility. Make sure you don’t interrupt while they are talking or opening up to you. Focus on what they are saying rather than letting your mind drift to what you want to say next. Through open and positive body language show them you are really interested in knowing their story as these will make them feel important.

If someone is lonely he/she might have isolated themselves and would not have engaged in any kind of social activity. Try to find out the activities they would like to do and accompany them in those activities. Connecting them with those activities and doing this unexpectedly for them would surely bring a smile to their face. The realization that someone is getting to know them better will make them feel their existence matters.

Negativity, sadness, and loneliness are contagious. A person with loneliness needs strong, positive, optimistic friends. Make sure that you have a positive influence. When you think negativity acquiring, try to naturally replace negative thoughts with happier ones.

Most of the time, people just need a reminder that it’s okay to be happy. Cheering up that lonely friend most of the time can be as simple as spending time with them. If you know someone who is going through a difficult time, don’t hesitate to reach out even if they may not necessarily seem grateful at the time, but it will help.

Remember, that you alone can’t be everything to one person, and you shouldn’t try to be, people need an entire support structure. Be a part of the support structure they need, and you’ll be a part of the solution, bringing cheer and happiness to the life of another.
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