Are you tired of following your boss’s orders? Are you not being able to use your skills to the fullest? If yes! You can try freelancing. A freelancer is a person who provides a client his services and gets paid per project. A freelancer can work for multiple clients one by one. They charge you an hourly rate for your services. By freelancing you can be your own boss. You can also try freelancing as a side hustle. According to a survey done in 2019, the freelancing industry made almost 1 trillion dollars. Here’s how you can work as a freelancer.

There are popular companies that provide a platform for freelancers and people who need some work to be done. These people can simply create an account with them and start freelancing. Some popular sites are, Upwork, People per hour, etc. On these websites, you have to create an attractive profile and mention all skills that you have. If a certain hiring person finds you interesting and you have the skills you need he will hire you for working and after completion of work you will get paid. The rates will be fixed by both parties.

India is the second-largest country with freelancers. And is showing more growth in the future. Here is a guide on how you can start freelancing.

1. Choose a niche.
2. Develop good skills.
3. Create a quality profile.
4. Keep proper pricing.
5. Get good reviews.
6. Repeat.
Finding work initially can be difficult, but once you get good reviews, you can generate good income from freelancing.

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