Dating an introverted woman can be a mixture of security in a relationship as well as a nightmare. However, it is not that difficult once you respect each other’s boundaries.

Here are some tips and advice to date an introverted woman.

1. Take it slow

Introverts like to take it slow because they like to put a lot of thought into everything. They tend to feel comfortable in their space. You need to understand their personality and be empathetic towards them.

2. Understand their definition of flirting

Introverts do not have the usual romantic expression as it does not come naturally to them like extroverts. They are stingy with compliments. They’d gaze at you when you are not looking and appreciate you.

While flirting, they’ll flirt lovingly and not in a cheeky way.

3. Give them time to open up

Introverts like to be in their comfort zones, so give them time to get out of it and be comfortable around you. When you give them time to get accustomed, they’d open up easily and reveal their hidden personalities.

4. Be thought provoking

If you want to impress an introverted woman then you need to stimulate their mental interest. You need to capture their attention by thinking profoundly and creating new ideas. Try to find out their likes and accordingly create something unique.

5. Learn to compromise

If you are an extrovert then your preferences are likely to clash with your introverted woman and hence you need to learn to compromise.

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