The best ranking MBA Schools that you need to consider in Europe are listed below.

1. HEC Paris

HEC Paris is the highest ranking college in Europe whose graduates enjoy the 152 percent increase in their salary post MBA. It is a 15 months program which focuses on developing leadership potentials.


INSEAD’ s MBA program is ranked second in Europe. It is a 10 months program where students are granted the opportunity to study at the three campuses of INSEAD that are in Fontainebleau, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

In this program the students have around 75 elective options and 14 core courses.

3. London Business School

London Business School is yet another best MBA school in Europe. It offers a 21 months MBA program which has earned the place on the rank due to its employability. Additionally, London is the financial capital of the world and it offers jobs for MBA graduates within 3 months.

4. IE Business School

The 11 months MBA program in Europe is offered by the IE Business School and it secured a top most rank due to the Entrepreneurship & Alumni outcomes. This MBA school also has the Professional Fitness Program for which all the MBA students have to enrol.

5. IESE Business School

The MBA program in Barcelona’s IESE Business School offers the students the opportunity to complete their program between 15 to 19 months. It also provides various Business Spanish learning programs for MBA students and permits graduates to graduate with a bilingual MBA diploma.

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