Your relationships are a vital pointer of both your happiness as well as your prosperity. Regardless of whether you’ve been seeing someone a couple of years or you’ve quite recently had those initial not many marginally awkward but sweet first dates and you’re trusting they’ll call again soon, one inquiry the vast majority pose about their relationship eventually.

Where is this connection going?  In case you’re in the primary flush of relationship fun, you’re contemplating whether this could transform into something long haul. In case you’ve been together for a couple of months or several years, you’re contemplating whether you will settle down and perhaps having a family together. Here are the things to be considered that will decide the future of your relationship: –

  • Sharing common values – The base of any relationship is that it should have something common between both the individuals. If you share a similar perspective or live on a similar ideology, it is good news.
  • Determining how intimate you are – Being intimate with each other is so much more than just sex, romance and gifts. True intimacy is to be there for each other even when you can’t provide them with sex, gifts or romance. It is to stay together even in difficult times.
  • Having healthy fights – Every relationship has fights in it and it is necessary that you fight. It only makes your bond stronger when you make up again. However, if your fights are abusive and violent, it is not a good sign or rather dangerous for your mental and emotional health.
  • Communicating properly – At the beginning of the relationship, it is obvious to be nervous and awkward around each other. As you get to know each other, you must be able to communicate fluently with each other. You must share everything with each other and talk as much as you can every day.
  • Understand how committed you both are – Before jumping to conclusions, ask yourself how committed you are to your partner. Also, try to understand if your partner shares common interests in your relationship or not. If either of you is not looking for a long-term committed relationship, then it’s pointless of you thinking about the future of your relationship.
  • Making compromises – No relationship is perfect and there are always situations where either of you might have to adjust or compromise. If you both compromises appropriately for each other, then you have a piece of good news.

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