Having the understanding to stop judging people is an extremely difficult task for most of us because it is human nature to look at someone and make a viewpoint about them without learning anything about them or their situations. Many people love to judge each other. The affairs which we are naming as ‘extramarital’ happen to people, even when they are unaware of it and they don’t do it intentionally.

So It cannot be judged as something which is good or bad without knowing any proper reason for it. If a person is in a relationship even if he is married it does not always mean that he is doing it just for the purpose of enjoyment. But also doesn’t mean that whatever he has done is right. But before obtaining complete information related to that situation you can not judge that person. And in the first place, you have no right to judge a person no matter what he does, it is his personal choice and preference. You need to stop judging people who are in extramarital affairs.

Be conscious and polite of people and where and from which situation they’re coming from. If you expect to know how you can stop judging people, you should put yourself into their shoes and think about what you would have done if you were in that person’s place.

If you quit judging people just for the sake of it, then you are never going to be able to actually stop judging others, instead, you should stop it with a good intention and because you want to be appreciative and you want to look for the good in people.

In other words, the end of judgment starts with empathy and understanding. So try to understand others, try to understand their situation, and be aware of what circumstance they are facing.

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