While deciding a career path, the main focus is on a career which is growing rapidly and making space for employment.

Here are the 11 fastest growing careers:

1. Veterinary technician

As per Indeed reports, the average salary of a veterinary technician is $15.85 per hour and they help to diagnose and treat animal’s injuries and illnesses.

2. Plumber or pipefitter

Their responsibility is to install and repair the pipes that carry gas or water to the homes or industries. They usually work in commercial, industrial or manufacturing settings and their salary is $25.40 per hour.

3. Graphic designer

The average salary of a graphic designer is $17.45 per hour according to Indeed reports and they engage in creating visual content for advertising companies.

4. Dental hygienist

Dental hygienists work on cleaning the teeth. They remove the stains, tartar or plaque by using a powder or ultrasonic tools. As per Indeed reports, their salary is $38.21 per hour.

5. Marriage and family therapists

The demand for these therapists are on the rise and they help to handle the challenges in the lives of married couples or family members. Their national average salary is $55,155 per year.

6. Digital marketer

As per Indeed reports, the salary of a digital marketer is $60,167 per year. They develop and oversee the online marketing strategies of the companies.

7. Occupational therapists

These therapists engage in evaluating the conditions of the sick, injured or disabled patients. They make plans to make their lives safer and more active. Their salary is $44.57 per hour, as per Indeed.

8. Biomedical engineer

These engineers use their medical and engineering knowledge to design equipment for the health industry. Their salary as per Indeed report is $75,926 per year.

9. Software developer

The role of software developer is to design computer programs and applications and their average salary is $105,875 per year, according to Indeed.

10. Nurse practitioner

The salary of nurse practitioners is $108,569 per year according to Indeed and they offer better care for the patients than the registered nurses, however less than doctors.

11. Operation research analyst

They are prime supporters of the company as they make profitable business decisions for the company and their average salary is $67,173 per year as per Indeed.

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