Every partnership experiences ups and downs. There is no such thing as an ideal relationship. It is always the two people that go out of their way for each other. We must realize that there may be terrible days in your relationship when you will be wounded, and this will be due to the situation rather than the other person. There is a lot of external pressure on education, qualification, job failure, finance, and so on. And we frequently find ourselves in arguments that are harmful to our relationships.

Here are three options for you.

1) Take a seat and talk.

When you are both angry, opt not to speak and avoid arguing with each other. Sit silently for a while, then approach the other person, sit with them, and speak softly and sincerely.

2) Pay attention to the other person.

When you are upset, you prefer not to listen to anything, yet this behavior is really hurtful to the other person. You should let the other person speak and allow them to express their feelings.

3) Maintain control of your pitch

You cannot prevent fights, but you must avoid disrespecting or overpowering your partner. Instead of shouting, try speaking normally and figuring out how to fix your situation.

Do follow these key rules which are essential for every relationship.

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