Quality sleep recharges your batteries.

You receive the best quality of sleep when you have ideal sleeping arrangements with someone close to you. So you don’t wake up grumpy or with a headache. Instead, you have a more positive outlook on the day. Your mind is also clear and renewed, allowing you to embrace positive thinking and concepts.

It strengthens your immune system.

When you share your bed with your partner, it can occasionally lead to lovemaking, which can enhance your immune system. According to Wilkes University specialists, couples who have frequent bedtime intimacy have a better chance of avoiding the flu or common colds because they create more antibodies that make their bodies healthier.

It slows down the aging process.

In his book “Secrets of the Superyoung,” Scottish neuropsychologist David Weeks claims that sharing a bed with someone you love and enjoying frequent quality cuddle time and lovemaking can make you seem 10 years younger. Furthermore, when you have lower stress levels, your body naturally feels younger.

You and your lover become in sync.

Couples that go to bed and get up at the same time have well-synchronized body clocks. They take on the role of social timekeepers for one another. According to a study published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, synchronicity can indicate how content partners are with their relationship.

Physical proximity during sleeping strengthens your bond.

Another study, conducted by the University of Hertfordshire, looked at the effects of physical contact during sleep among 1,000 couples. They discovered that those who kept a sleeping distance of 2.5 cm from each other, implying snuggling or lying in bed near and tight, had a healthy relationship. According to the study, at least 86.5 percent of couples slept in this posture.

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