Possessive and needy girlfriend or boyfriend can be of concern especially, if they are affecting your mental and emotional state.

What can go wrong? Well, possessive partners who do not have any self-control turn violent when they feel threatened or challenged. The fear of losing you can build more aggression within them.

Here are the reasons why a possessive and needy girlfriend can pose a problem for you.

1. Violations of Privacy

Over-possessiveness means your partner lacks trust in you and is often concerned about you cheating on her.

Therefore, they feel the need to invade your privacy by spying on you or constantly checking your phones or any personal devices.

2. Manipulate Your Decisions

Their decisions will only ever matter. They won’t consider your views or opinions as they do not value it.

Whatever you say does not matter to them because they think you cannot take important decisions in life.

3. Restricts You from Things

A possessive and needy partner tries to control you. They tell you when to go out, who to meet and who to avoid and whatnot.

If your partner is limiting your behaviour and actions, then you are in one toxic relationship. Everyone deserves to live freely.

4. Sudden Changes in Mood

If you have an extremely moody girlfriend, who shifts from being sweet to angry to sad within a matter of seconds or minutes then you need to see the waving red flag.

At times, it can also lead to an abusive relationship.

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