Diarrhoea is a disturbance in your gastrointestinal system and its common symptoms are bloating, watery stools and abdominal cramping.

A diarrhoea that lasts for around two weeks is an indication of viral infection, food poisoning, bacterial infection or contaminated water infection.

Here are few ways to treat diarrhoea at home;

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

One of the best ways to treat diarrhoea at home is by drinking plenty of water. It is advised to use oral pediatric hydration solutions. Studies have proven sport drinks to be an effective remedy.

You can also mix some sugar and salt with water, it helps the intestine to absorb fluids easily.

2. Foods to Eat

Eating specific types of food helps to lower the diarrhoea symptoms and gives your body a boost to overcome it. You should add banana, rice, applesauce and toast to your diet.

Other foods are oatmeal, chicken soup and boiled or baked potatoes.

3. Foods to Avoid

If you are suffering from diarrhoea your body won’t tolerate fried or greasy foods. Stay away from high fibrous grains, fruits and vegetables that can lead to bloating.

Make sure to avoid consumption of alcohol, artificial sweeteners, cruciferous vegetables, tea & coffee, chickpeas, leafy vegetables, milk, peppers, berries, beans and ice cream.

4. Consume Probiotics

Probiotics that contain good bacteria function in fighting off the bad ones and makes the intestinal tract healthy. To overcome diarrhoea at home, it is better to consume yogurt, pickles, green olives, dark chocolate and aged soft cheese.

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