With the rise in the digital world, the debate on whether online or offline dating is better has popped up. However, both have their pros and cons. Most people prefer offline dating because it is the best way of expressing your emotions.

This article provides certain information about online and offline dating which would help you select the right one for you.

Online dating


· You get matchmaking algorithms on various online dating services which are way better than your matchmaking skills.

· It involves platonic communications and gives you enough time to know each other mentally. In this case, appearance is of least concern.

· Marriages that started with online dating are stronger because they are immune to separation as their romance started long distance.


· There are numerous choices on online dating apps. It is difficult to choose one when you have multiple options.

· Online dating scams are the main problem. There are various swindlers and con artists that work in hacking your email and stealing your money.

· Online dating is not trustworthy as there are high chances of people lying.

Offline dating


· In offline dating, you can easily determine whether you have romantic chemistry or not.

· You can take opinions from your friends and relatives about the partner which would help you to get out of trouble.

· Offline dating makes you, you. You are unlikely to trick anyone or vice-versa.


· In offline dating, you are limited to date a person from within your social circle.

· Many people feel shy in offline dating and fail to present themselves properly.

· You are constantly out of time in building the relationship due to hectic or busy schedules.

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