If you’re stuck on a first date and don’t know what to say, try these seven questions to get you and your partner talking again.

These are the questions to ask if you actually want to get to know your partner.

1. What is your favourite vacation memory?

Going on vacation and sharing what they did to make it so memorable is something that everyone appreciates. Asking this question on a first date will spark a conversation about your date’s travels and whether you have comparable vacation interests.

2. What are you now obsessed with?

Whether it’s a book, a TV show, or crossfit, your date is undoubtedly engrossed in something right now. People enjoy talking about their interests, and it’s a great way to see if you and your date have any.

3. What is the most important thing to you?

People enjoy discussing their hobbies and interests. If you want to understand more about someone, find out what they like to do.

4. Can you tell me about some of the things that make you laugh?

If you and your spouse share a similar sense of humour, you’ll be alright. Humor has the ability to bring people together. Take a time to think about that. When you’re around your best friends, you’re bound to laugh a lot. One of the reasons you enjoy spending time with them is because of this. You’ll be able to bond over it if you and your date find the same things entertaining.

5. Would you rather be awake in the morning or in the evening?

Some people are capable of waking up before the sun rises, while others are capable of staying up until the sun rises. This question will provide you insight into your date’s daily routine. Do they go to the gym first thing in the morning or stay up late binge-watching their favourite shows? This will assist you in determining whether you and your partner are compatible.

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