Irrespective of the type of relationship, expecting that every day will be filled with happiness is unreal and toxic. Whether it is your friendship, partnership, romantic relationship, or family bond, it has to face the ups and downs of life together as relationships are complex and involve two or more individuals with different opinions, perspectives, emotions, and experiences. And so every day in a relationship cannot be happy. Find out why?

1) Difference: No two people are similar; even though there might be many similarities, they can’t be the same in every aspect. Sometimes the difference in opinions, values, and expectations may lead to disagreements and conflict. And this causes tension in a relationship.

2) External Reason: Everyone has their own life apart from relationships and family. One has to deal with work stress, financial pressure, work stress, health issues, and other things that impact the happiness of both individuals. It’s important to recognize and value each other.

3) Personal Issues: Every person has personal life problems. It might be related to emotional ups and downs or past traumas, insecurities, or mental health issues that may affect the well-being and happiness of a relationship. It’s important to understand each other and help.

In conclusion, a relationship with ups and downs and still choosing to be together is special. And individuals must give their best to make each other feel valued.