When kids are small, they strive to know everything and are always enthusiastic to understand the working of it. But today, kids lack the inspiration for education because of several factors. Firstly it could be because of the increasing growth in technology that has created many distractions that compete with children’s attention.

For example, social media platforms, video games, streaming, entertainment, YouTube, and others give young minds pleasure, which shifts their focus from studies to these activities.

While the education pattern may also be the reason for the lack of interest for the kids, the old pattern of testing and rigid curriculum make the children feel suffocated and hinders their creativity and thinking power. The vast syllabus and theories tier the child and make them feel bored. And to cope with the boredom, the child opts for a way to entertain themselves.

While the teaching pattern of subjects in the school and their relation in the real world differ, making it difficult for the kids to understand. The absence of a meaningful connection between academics and the outside world can make education uninteresting.

In conclusion, changing the education pattern and making the learning process interesting. New ways to make the students understand the concept creatively will help them get inspired. And it is indispensable for the future generation to learn.